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Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning Page
(Slimming, weight control, Equiba.)

Institute Equiba offers a miracle treatment, lose 6lb (2.7kg) of fat in 5 days, 12lb (5.4kg) in ten days, etc.

This product may now be renamed Trimbia, sold from Institute Trimbia, at the same address.

Page created June 4th 2002.

My partner fell victim to the false hopes promoted by Institute Equiba, PO Box 382 Bedford MK40 1WF, England.

During 2002, my partner responded to an unsolicited mailshot slimming scam, distributed by Padeol Ltd. This company is listed at Companies House,

Despite the postcode which appears to be at Bedford, it is in fact the same place as PO Box 295, Staines, Middlesex TW18 4GW, actually: 3, Millers Close, Staines, TW18 1TB, used by 'psychics' Marie-Rose Valmont, Tara, Paula Zikorski, Marianne de Bonneville, and lucky numbers scam Fortune House. Tony Liddle rents PO Boxes from Royal Mail, and then relets them to foreign companies, a practice banned by Royal Mail. He told investigators that he didn't know what was in the mailings and the reply envelopes!

Equiba, it's another scam similar to the Maria Duval, Eva du Maurier output

Front page of leaflet from Institute Equiba. It is full of hype, contains references to people who may not exist. I have not been able to trace Evanleg Inc, described as the USA distributor.

Four tablets cost �27 inc P&P.

I am not the only one enquiring about Equiba, here are seventy eight more.

If you have paid by credit card, you have to wait 60 days before you can apply to the card company for a refund. This will be done as soon as the 60 days have elapsed.

From an Australian reader:
The claims and the layout of the leaflet are almost exactly the same as your copy except that the miracle pills are now round and the weight loss is in KGs for this market. One claim is that it works by slow release and then they tell you that the pills are dissolved in water before you drink them!

Can you protect yourself against unsolicited mail?


Write to the Mailing Preference Service. The address is:

Mailing Preference Service
London W1E 7EZ

They will notify licenced direct mailers, of the people with your surname at your address. Licenced direct mailers are made aware that you do not want to receive their mailings, The service is free and effective for five years.

Do it today, you could save yourself a great deal of money. My regret is that I did not know of the service many years ago.

The same kind of service may be available in other countries. If you can let me know the details, please email me so that I may add them to this page.

Did you send for Equiba tablets?
Did you receive them?
Did you lose weight?
Do you feel healthy?

If your answer to any of the last 3 questions is NO, have you asked for a refund?

A letter from a customer of a different scam:

I have received several letters from this company over the months and in a moment of weakness & desperation i duly sent them �45.50 for the magic tablets which would apparently melt away my excess weight!

The company name is 'The Lavelle Institute' advertising 'natural' slimming tablets concocted by a David Lavelle, MD.(with a picture of him). The letter is from Jean Renee Latour and the address is PO Box 17, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 4SB.

I wish I had looked a little harder on the internet before sending anything, but after a week, sense got the better of me & so I decided to hunt out information. I typed in the address & your website came up, along with some adjudications re: this address. Could this woman have changed tack and gone for the weightloss approach?? There is no information re: Jean Renee Latour, Lavelle institute, or the tablets 'meltrim x3'. It claimed I would lose up to 45 lbs in 3 weeks, I thought they meant weight, not currency!! As you say, there is a lot of print/art work involved, with vouchers to send back in addressed envelope.

The 'health product, with a promise of a prize cheque' scam is still going strong. Vitamail, a well-known scam operated by French company Promondo. See here

Fortune House Lottery Numbers, 2002 This scam also operates via 3, Millers Close!

Astrocat's Postal Scam Warning Page

Page last modified November 28th 2006.

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